Is your $200 electric shaver is scorning off after only some months of average usage?
You need not curse the brand always, maybe you lacking some points on handling the shaver .
Electric shavers have evolved exponentially through the last decade . The features are getting mind blowing and the price too ,sometimes . This business has now been over billions of dollars now.

No doubt(according to me ,at least), electric shavers are better than conventional razor blades when it comes to a closer shave. Electric shavers offer a hassle- free, smooth shaving and are very convenient and comfortable to use. These shavers are ideal to create various styles with your beard , considering the ease to maneuver . All you need to do is understand the right technique to shave with electronic razors. After all, this razor is a fucking electronic machine.

The following article will explain you the right way of using these electronic shavers.


Always follow the manual

Reading the manual is a very crucial step one must follow while using an electronic shaver, as the functioning of every shaver is different. It’s just like handling every other girl the different way.
This is the reason why it is important to follow the user manual of every shaver even though you are not new to the electric shavers. (Experience is good, overconfidence is not!)

The electronic razors or shavers offer various features and if you follow the manual properly you will get the idea about all the features. And the best part being you will be able to make most of these glittering features. These small set of instructions can make a big difference in your shaving experience. Also ,if you read the manual properly you will be able to take good care of your shaver which will increase its performance and life too.

Avoid shaving right after waking up

Are you the one who shaves before going to poop in the morning? Or a person who wakes up with his electric shaver in hand?


Yes, there are many individuals like you who have the habit of shaving right after waking up. Avoid doing that. Simply avoid it. Unless and until your mom says you to do so in extreme conditions, avoid it. It’s very difficult to get the desired result at that time. Wait for 15-20 minutes before you start. The reason behind it is when you wake up your face is a bit swollen or puffy. In this case if you shave then you won’t get the desired results. As the shaver doesn’t works on puffy face for closer shave. That’s the scientific one.

Another one being, when you wake up, you are not in your complete senses. Imagine just cutting your beard disproportionately.  Seems like A nightmare, right?  But wake up lad, the wrong has been done.
Lol,fuck this one. I was just making some shit. And you read it, great !


Things to consider when you wet shave

The best part about electronic shavers is you can use it for both; wet as well as dry shave. In case when you are shaving wet ,apply the gel or cream to your face and massage to create lather.

Do this for a minute. This will offer a better shaving result by making your beard softer and angelic. If you are with sensitive skin , then BROTHER ,wet shave is IDEAL for you ! It reduces the irritation, gives a closer shave and the electric shaver too feels soft .
To serve the cake with a beautiful red cherry, use the warm water as it will open the pores and weaken your hair follicles. This will offer a closer and faster shave.


Things to consider when you dry shave

Dry shaving is another common method followed by many beard kings for shaving. While using an electric shaver for a dry shave, make sure your skin and hair are completely dry.


You can also use pre-shave lotions while you use dry shave. Along with this also follow some important steps like keep your shaver clean and change the parts time to time. This will increase the durability of the electric shaver.

Now your electric shaver will last a bit more.
Maybe , MUCH MORE  !

Hope you liked it !
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