Switching from a manual shaver to an electric shaver can be hard for some folks. Some people have so much doubt about these shavers whether these shavers will come up to their expectations or its just hype. Even these shavers are durable and we can rely on them. All these questions are answered in this article. If you follow to the end you might be getting some interesting facts about Phillips Aqua-Touch AT810 Shaver.
As we all know, Phillips products never fail to maintain their quality of the product. Being a consumer of Phillips I can always say that these products last longer that you expect.
So let’s go ahead and see what features and specifications this product has.






1.Build Quality:

Philips Aqua Touch AT810 has an amazing build quality, coming only with single color which is a blue and black combination. Being light weight and having easy grip it becomes very easy to take a close shave with any effort.  Philips Aqua Touch AT810 is equipped with a standard Li-on battery with a power consumption of 5.4 W.
This shaver also comes up with the pro-active cap which keeps the blades protected.
Philips Aqua Touch AT810 has been optimized for all types of the user, especially users with sensitive skin.


Rotating shaving head


The shaving head is detachable so that by pressing the detach button it can be removed or attached and cleaned or washed as the way you want to clean it up.
The blades are made of stainless steel so have no worries of washing them as many times as you want. Also, you can use a cleaning agent to clean it thoroughly.


  1. Battery life and Charging:

Supporting quick charging, Philips Aqua Touch AT810 can charge for one shave in 3 minutes, and after charging for 1 hour it can be used straight up for 50 minutes. The battery life is quite better than you expect from an electric shaver. The quick charge is a really zoom feature you can rely on because imagine if you are shaving and end up with halfway with a dead battery!


  1. Cleaning and maintenance:



With having a cleaning brush which comes with the package, it is really easy to clean up the shaver after use. Phillips has designed it such a way that the head doesn’t get clogged and other devices might often face this problem.  You can directly wash it under the tap water and use a liquid soap you can clean all the dirt. Another trick to clean it holds it under pressure water and on and if the nasal several times so that stuck hair could be removed.


  1. Waterproof:


Being completely waterproof you don’t have to worry about whether to shave dry or wet. Even you can use this Philips Aqua Touch Shaver in Shower also. Having Aqua-Touch technology, it provides a great comfort with dry shave without any irritations to your skin.


  1. Cordless:

Cordless operating gives you the relief from the pain of those tangled cords and finding a place where the mirror and the plug point at the same spot. But having a cordless shaver provides you a mobility and easiness to the user without any difficulties 



7. Performance:

With a great battery life and power packed blades , Philips Aqua Touch AT810 provides an exceptional performance as compared to other price range of the devices. Having coverage of a better surface area ,the blades can cover all the contours indecently resulting in a close shave without any much of a struggle as compared to the manual razor labor.

8. Accessories:

Philips Aqua Touch AT810 comes with some accessories like protective shaving head cap, a charging adapter, and a cleaning brush. You can order a travel bag by a third party separately according to your need.

9. Replacement Parts:


As the shaving head is removable, the replacement parts are available online. Blades are supposed to be replaced in every two years. Phillips provides 2 years of warranty for this product and if you are buying it online, then you can pay extra for extended warranty too.





Ultimate Skin Protection:

Want a close shave? Don’t worry and go right on with Philips Aqua Touch AT810 because it will always protect your skin with all the pulling and tugging of the hairs. With this shaver, you can avoid all the discomfort like cuts and nicks you were facing through your manual razor. The shaver is having the caps on the blades, allowing only hairs to come in contact and never allow the blades to damage your skin. Cutting heads are not fixed symmetrically; it means that each head is moving independently with the height and depth of your skin, covering all the contours and surface area of your face.


Patented Lift:

Philips Aqua Touch Electric shaver comes with patented lift and cutting technology which provides you the smoothest and the closest shave ever. This lift and cut technique uses two types of the blade to make sure the shave is  done nicely. Here, the first blade gently holding up the hair while the second blade provides a cut as close as possible.


Pop-up Trimmer:

This Pop-up trimmer is used for the trimming your sideburns. This blade is shaped enough to tackle some good edgy sideburns. But my suggestion is that first, you should remove those two inner blades so you can have a clear look while doing your sideburns.


Shaving Head:

Philips Aqua Touch AT810 has a rotating shaving head consisting of three blades which cover a larger area than other shavers. These three blades are properly covered so that you don’t have to be worried of cuts. With this shaving head having an ability to move at any angles, you can effortlessly maneuver the shaver to your face’s curves easily. The Philips Aqua Touch AT810 is an amazing product which is power packed with the great speed and technology which will give you amazing results after use.






The Philips Aquatouch AT810 is so basic. The performance is good considering the price range, but if you could spend some extra bucks, you can consider the AT830 . Although all features of the AT830 are the same, the performance of AT830 is really crazy .
therefore, if your pocket doesn’t limit you much, go for the AT830.



On reading some reviews about the shaver on Amazon.com, it is revealed that many customers are satisfied by it. It works great for normal usage and the quality too is good. But sadly, many people aren’t satisfied who use thick beards. If you have a thick beard,consider having a higher model of Philips Norelco like sensotouch 3D,or the 9300 series.



Final thoughts:

This product is obviously good value for money option, as compared to all products available in this price range. For a quick shave on a busy day, it will do totally fine especially for office people. But long-bearded people, avoid it. It provides features and more benefits as the more expensive razor fails to deliver. Easy and quick shave plus quick charge with a stylish look, what can you expect more from a under$80 shaver??

Price: $64.99


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