81nezhc-r7l-_sy679_There are so many brands and options available for electric shavers and the competition’s been growing furiously. With growing competition, the electric shaver market has seen some great variants for the same price. But options and number don’t matter unless it provides a quality product, and most importantly satisfies our needs. So here I present you, one of the most bought electric shaver of all times, the Panasonic Arc 3 electric shaver. With over 2000 sales on Amazon, this shaver has been one of the most successful electric shavers produced by the company.


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  1. Shaving head:

As the present lineup in Panasonic shavers, the Panasonic ES8103S Arc 3 provides a Foil Shaving System. Noticeably the Panasonic Arc3 shaving head is made by perforated stainless steel which covers the small partition of blades which in curve shape. Panasonic likes to call it by “multi-fit arc foil” which is able to gift you better grip and protection to your face.



The shaving head is detachable. It can be removed or detached by pressing the detach button and clean or wash it the way you want .

An added feature to the shaver head is its pivoting ability. It can move along sideways as well as in up and down direction with a certain angle which provides you an ease while shaving. If you don’t want the head move along you can just lock it.


  1. Build Quality:


Panasonic always delivers a great quality build of its product , especially with the shavers. Being experimental on its looks, they shaver has an amazing grip with old blue and navy blue colors which is an incredible combination. Being light weight ,it is very easy to hold it without too much of an effort. Having a detach button on the body and an LCD display attached to it provides an amazing look and ease of access to various features of the shaver.


  1. Performance:

Most of the buyers keep great shaving experience above the features in an electric shaver when they go out and buy one.


Having a comfortable grip provides you to cut down your forest even though if it is thicker, a nice close shave can be obtained by this shaver without a doubt.

The only struggle you’ll face while shaving on fewer portions like towards your jawline and neck. If you have a long neck, then the struggle might be for real. Just then you might have to change the direction while shaving.


Despite this, you will never notice any pulling, tugging or shave burn even if you use it in dry shave or wet.


  1. Charging and the battery life:

After charging it completely it can last up to six to seven (6-7) shaving counts, depending on the usage of the user provided.

As we know devices supporting batteries have certain rules .this shaver charges in only in one hour and should not be left charging further, doing so can reduce and shorten the life span of the battery resulting in a poor performance of our lovely shaver.

Remember, any device with a battery should not be overcharged and use it until it discharges completely.


  1. Cleaning and Maintenance:

Being completely waterproof and the blades being detachable, cleaning this shaver is pretty easy. Just be careful enough that you don’t overdo the cleaning. You can directly wash it under tap water using a liquid soap you can clean all the dirt.


  1. LCD Display:

b4308813-0a63-49c8-9212-b6d1db5fa988-jpg-_cb302768515__sl220__The accurate LCD display provides you the current charging status of the shaver, being helpful to monitor the status of battery life and the usage.


  1. Waterproof :

Being completely waterproof, you don’t have to worry about whether to shave dry or wet. Even you can use this Panasonic Arc 3 Shaver in Shower also.


  1. Cordless:

Cordless operation gives you the relief from those tangled cords and finding the heavenly place where mirror and socket are together. Moreover, having a cordless shaver provides you a mobility and easiness to the user without any difficulties.


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  1. Nano-Tech Blades:

Two blades and a foil shaving blade is present in the shaver . Blade present in the foil plays the role to cut the longer hair which is difficult to cut through the smaller blade.


Panasonic equips the shaver with the latest Nano-technology with blades having a 30-degree angle which certainly makes you notice some cutting edge difference while shaving.


  1. High-Speed Linear Motor:

Panasonic provides an amazing shaver with a very fast motor.It has 13000 rotations per minute, in an opposite direction movement with the blades. This counter-directional movement is provided to reduce the vibrations of the blades itself.


  1. Pop-up Trimmer:

e7ca3f60-610d-4740-8fce-47258907d28a-jpg-_cb313649763__sl220__This Pop-up trimmer is used for the trimming your sideburns. This blade is sharp enough to have some good edgy sideburns. Just a kind suggestion: remove those two inner blades so you can have a better look while doing your sideburns.

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  1. Included accessories:

At this price, the company cannot afford to give you a fancy charging dock but it gifts you a bundle of goodies. Panasonic Arc 3 electric shaver comes with some accessories like charging adapter and a traveling pouch.



  1. Replacements:

Having a detachable foil and blades, Panasonic Arc 3 provides blades and outer foil. Fortunately, if they somehow break, they are available in a set or in single pieces.



Despite having a powerful motor, one might face trouble if you have a tough beard.I would recommend you having an Arc4 if you really have a strong beard. For normal and medium use, this shaver does great.



With 4,000 units shipped worldwide from Amazon.com only, this electric shaver has won many hearts worldwide. The 4.3/5 rating on Amazon.com itself shows the customer satisfaction level it has provided.

Well,90% of the people have rated it above 3star,which is ,in fact great. The rest 10% had some performance issues and some handling problems. Many of this 10% group found the Braun Series better than this shaver.
But, every electric shaver depends on one’s usage .



Panasonic Arc 3 Electric Shaver is an awesome shaving equipment that a man can have.
I would recommend you this shaver if you are a medium/average user.
If you have a  tough beard I would recommend you some shaver which would be costly than this. But it would be worth the price and would work fine with you.

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