Do you know growing a beard lowers the risk of getting cancer?
Shocked? But yes ,it’s hell truth.
Growing a beard has been one tradition which has seen a lot of popularity lately. Today’s kids are more and more setting their focus on growing beard and are also looking for effective measure that can help them in this quest.
In fact ,I recently saw a picture of a 13 year old on Instagram having a caption : “Growing beard. Excited for my journey . My gf likes it”.
Like what does your 12 year old girlfriend do with your facial hair?
Oh wait, not facial hair, i am talking about those sketch lines she made on your face with a black marker. LOL.
Realities apart.

Beards are not just a fashion statement these days but have many hidden, amazing health benefits. Let’s have a look at some of the great benefits offered by growing a macho beard.

Protection from UV rays

There have been many studies which have shown that beards can be effective in preventing you from the damage of the UV rays.

It has been proved that a thick beard  is capable of blocking out about 95% of the UV rays from sun. Beards not only prevent your skin from getting burnt but can also be very effective to protect from the skin cancer.
Fuck !
My holy beard just protected me from CANCER!


Reduced Acne

A beard can be very effective to protect your skin. If you have beard ,you can get much smoother skin under your facial hair. The reason behind this is when you shave, it is probable that some bacteria can spread all over your face which can cause acne and other infections.

The chances of getting acnes are very less with a full grown beard.

Natural Filter

Growing beard on your face can benefit you sorting out the microscopic allergens.
The biggest advantage of growing a beard is that there is an overall reduction with hay fever and other common allergies. When you grow beard, there is a natural protection layer against all these things.
Beards will always help in sorting out all the airborne bacteria and allergies from your mouth which can ensure that you lead a better life.


Well, they help in blocking some great real world problems too sometimes.

Growing a mustache doubles up your protection But growing a beard is not enough as you will have to take proper care of it to ensure that it can provide you good protection.


Reduction in wrinkles

Reduction in wrinkles is another very effective help throughout growing a beard. When you grow a beard there is a closer exposure to sun which can help in improving the health of the face. While there are many options to protect from your face from wrinkles, beard does it like a boss!


Reduces chances of gum disease

A beard along with a mustache can help you keep the airborne bacteria’s away and reduce the chances of getting  gum disease. That doesn’t mean you stop brushing, okay?  But along with this, growing beard helps in providing added protection which those without beard do not have.



So, I hope the ones with a beard would now know how awesome and protected they are. And would build their beard strong and rich.
And for the clean shaven ones, You have my sympathies.(Unless you start growing a beard)

Cheers to the beard community!